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I received my license key. How can I register it?

If you have Candle installed on your laptop, you can simply double click the license key. This will open Candle where you can save the key.

If you are on a multi-user or school system: Open Candle. Click Setup, then choose License Keys under Software Configuration. Click Add Key, then follow the steps provided.

Will I lose information IN candle when I update?

The short answer is no. You are only updating the data-entry portion of the program. The data storage is not affected.

my grades in candle all disappeared. What happened?

In the gradebook, find the two checkboxes on top of the list of students. Make sure Averages or Letters is checked. If this doesn’t fix your problem, give us a call.

Why is some of your software a subscription?

Maintaining our products and supporting our customers is an ongoing costs. To keep costs low for everyone, we’ve chosen a subscription based model. For most of our products, we offer multi-year discounts.

can i combine my 9th and 10th grades in candle?

Yes, this is the concept behind student groups. A student group is a group of students at a particular grading level. For more details, see this support article.

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